Boats/Gear for Sale


Mass Inc

Highest quality carbon fiber canoes designed by former World Champion Chris Maas available to order in various stages of production.

Contact: Chris Maas

C12 Performance Boats

Highest quality carbon fiber canoes, designed by prolific International 14 designer Phil Morrison, available to order and delivery from the UK.

Contact: C12 Performance Boats

fulcrum speedworks

Fulcrum Speedworks

Kit plywood canoes, finished ply canoes, and deluxe carbon canoes available to order in various stages of production.


Taylor Sails

High quality custom international canoe sails available to order.


Taylor Sails

North Sails

High quality international canoe sails available to order.

Mike Marshall

Used Boats, Equipment and Gear

Used boats, sails, parts, and gear available second-hand on the class forum: IC Marketplace

Used Boats

USA 241 "Uncle Walter" SOLD

Built in 2007 by Oliver Moore. One of the first generation on new rules ICs and a damn good one. Carbon and foam hull. Carbon mast. Several suits of Taylor sails. An excellent opportunity for anyone looking to get competitive in the canoe fleet on the cheap. Only for sale to the right buyer as, once again, the owner still enjoys sailing her and isn’t in a rush to move the boat.

SOLD – Welcome to the fleet Steve Work

USA 250 "Smoke-Show" SOLD

Built in Early 2011 by former world champion Steve Clark to the Steve Clark “hollow threat MK2” design, Smoke is a highly dominant boat even today. Constructed with a carbon skinned tortured ply technique and a carbon foam sandwich deck. Carbon ECS mk2 seat, high aspect foils, Van Dusen carbon mast, carbon boom, North 2014 sails and Kinder practice sails. Seitech dolly. Recently re-rigged.
-4th place 2011 World Championships
-1st Place 2011&2012 midwinter regattas
-2nd Place 2013 North American Championships
-Numerous Sugar Island trophy wins
Don’t buy if you love losing races

SOLD – Welcome to the fleet Tony Lowther

USA 249 "Wietzelsucht" $4,000

Built in Early 2011 by former world champion Steve Clark to the Steve Clark “hollow threat MK2” design. Tortured ply with kevlar, carbon and foam sandwich hull reinforcement. Van Dusen carbon mast, carbon boom. Sails by North from 2014. This boat is brilliantly durable and has great speed in a blow.

Location: New England

USA 200 "Zydeco" $1,500

Nethercott built in 1993 by Steve Clark. Sailed to 2nd place at the ’93 Worlds by Steve and in further national championships by multiple sailors. Polyester and fiberglass on foam core. Van Dusen super spar carbon mast. Carbon boom. Terrific platform for anyone who wants cheap entry into the fleet. Strong, durable hull. Bullet proof sliding seat. Older sails.

Location: Rockland, Maine

USA 131 "Square 1" SOLD - Welcome to the fleet CJ Congrove

Older Nethercott built by Steve Clark in the 80s and re-built by Jesse Aronstein in the 90s. Aluminum rig and older sails but well maintained. Good platform for anyone who wants to learn to sail fast boats on the cheap.

Location: Western MA

USA 201 "Dire Straits" SOLD

Built in the early 90s at Vanguard Boats, 201 is a terrific nethercott with all the bells and whistles. Fiberglass on foam core. Sailed by John Kells at the worlds in 1999 and 2002. Carbon mast. Carbon boom. Classic east coast seat and carriage. Garaged for the last 10 years so in good condition.


SOLD – Welcome to the fleet Richard Lerner

USA 199 "Frequent Flyer" $2,500

1990s Nethercott built in the Vanguard shop by Lars Guck. Sailed in multiple world championships by Lars and in further National Championships by Roger Link. Fiberglass on foam with a wooden foredeck. Carbon mast and boom. Serviceable sails. West coast seat and carriage. Sailed lately on lake winnipesaukee by Ted Bowman. Owner still enjoys sailing her so must go to new member who will use the boat and participate in the fleet.

Location: New Hampshire


USA 221 $2,000

Late 90s nethercott built in Sweden by Ola Barthelson. Sailed in the 96, 99, and 2002 world championship. Carbon on foam hull. Carbon mast and boom. Decent sails. Garaged so in good condition.

Location: San Francisco Bay Area


USA 195 "Siren" SOLD

Built by the Del Olsen and Fran De Faymoreau. Glass and foam hull. Carbon mast and boom. Classic west coast carbon sliding seat and carriage. Sails and dolly included. Ready to race.

SOLD – Welcome to the fleet David Landon.

USA 222 "Sock Puppet" $1,500

Sock Puppet is an excellent starter boat. Built in 2001 by Bill Beaver and John Williamson to a Bill Beaver double chine design that became legal after the 2008 rule change. Refitted in 2015. Built of plywood with kevlar, fiberglass and carbon fiber reinforcement. Carbon high aspect foils, carbon seat carriage and state of the art VanDusen IM7 carbon mast. Functional used sails.

Location: New England


USA 189 "Wings" SOLD

Nethercott built by Steve Clark in the late 80s in the Quartermoon shop. Finished by Larry Carroll. Fiberglass hull. Balsa core. Khaya deck. Carbon mast. Used sails and dolly included.

SOLD – Welcome to the fleet Justin Meddock

US 204 "Old Dog/New Tricks" $2,500

Nethercott built by Erich Chase and Del Olsen in the early 90s. Fiberglass hull so incredibly strong/durable boat. Carbon rig. Carbon boom. Three sets of sails. Road trailer and launching dolly.

Location: Texas

USA 177 "Pacific Tricks" $2,000

Nethercott built by Del Olsen in the 80s last owned by Mark Hughes. Fiberglass hull and deck. Wooden foredeck. 2 masts (1 carbon, 1 aluminum). Aluminum boom. 2 Mainsails, 2 jibs. Road trailer. Solid platform for anyone looking for cheap entry into the class.

Location: Southern Califronia


USA 155 "Chaos" SOLD

Built by Steve Clark at the King Ferry Canoe Company in 80’s. Fiberglass hull with a wooden deck. Aluminum mast and boom. Dolley but no trailer included. Boat represents excellent value – nice cheap entry into the fleet.

Location: Washington State


SOLD – Welcome to the fleet Jack Johnson

USA 106 $800

Vintage wooden nethercott. Not a competitive race boat anymore, but nonetheless a beautiful piece of work. Good fun for anyone who wants a wooden boat project.

Location: Southern California


USA 151 "Penguin" SOLD

Beautiful vintage nethercott. Hull built in England. Deck re-done by the King Ferry Canoe Company in the 80s. Older boat but beautifully maintained. Could use new sails but ready to sail now. Good affordable entry into the class.

SOLD – Welcome to the fleet Kryngle Daly